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List of best management consulting internships currently open in US

Management consulting is an excellent field to pursue, if you want an overall development of your skills, personality and life. Firms like McKinsey, Bain and BCG are always looking for great students and it’s always a good idea to apply to as many internships as you can. The ones that are currently open to hiring candidates are listed below:

McKinsey: The best known company, which is also considered as a status symbol. Link to apply: here

Bain and Company: They have different internship programs for Bachelors students and MBA students. For Bachelors, they have Associate Consultant Interns. and for MBA, they have Summer Associates. Bachelors: here, and MBA students: here.

Boston Consulting Group: According to BCG, they are always hiring interns. You can apply here.

L.E.K. : apply here

Deloitte: They have quite a confusing website. You can find their management consulting internships here.


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