Some sources to apply for jobs for recent college graduate

Finding a job as a recent college graduate is quite hard, since everyone wants someone with experience. Here I’m listing some sources which are quite helpful and will provide you better chances of getting a job with little or no experience.

  1. Angel List: this is where startups post their job openings. Most of them pay quite good compared to the big name companies and you will have a better chance of securing a job through it.
  2. Product Hunt: also a hub for startups, gives better conversion rates than traditional job boards.
  3. LinkedIn: this is a traditional job board, but using it in a different way can help you land a job. Search for ‘hiring software engineers’ or ‘hiring  marketing professionals’ etc (whatever your job domain is) and it will show you the people who have this in their profile description. Contact those people directly with your resume.
  4. Your school’s alumni group: this is a non traditional approach, but it works better than all other ways. If you have a Facebook group of your university/school alumni, put a message their that you are looking for a job. Your college seniors will definitely want to help you out.
  5. TechCrunch: this is actually where you can find out which companies have recently secured funding. Such companies are usually hiring aggressively and contacting their founder will definitely help you land an interview at least.
  6. Send mass email to recruiters: Also a non traditional approach, the difficult part of this is finding the list of email ids to contact. You can find online database providers which sell company recruiters email databases/recent funded startups email database (most of them provide free samples as well). Once you have compiled a database, send them emails in one go. Use Streak chrome extension and you will be able to send upto 500 emails per 24 hours with your Gmail account.

These were just some ways which I’ve seen have helped candidates. Traditionally you would apply to jobs on sites like Indeed, Monster etc, but it’s quite rare that you get a response back after applying. Try the above ways and let me know which ones helped you. If you have any other suggestions for job seekers, let everyone know in the comments.


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